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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy (EU)

This privacy policy was last updated on January 5, 2020 and applies to residents of the European Economic Area.


Please read this policy before using or continuing to visit this site, it applies to the entire content as well as the commercial and non-commercial activities around and within Football is Business. If you do not agree with this policy, you are kindly requested not to continue using this site. By visiting and using this site, you indicate that you agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Collection of general information

Football is Business believes it is important that the privacy of visitors, whether or not for commercial purposes, is respected and protected.

Personal information

It is possible that Football is Business needs personal information such as your name, address, e-mail address, etc … to answer questions, respond to certain requests or to comply with legal requirements. Football is Business can use this data to respond to your questions or to inform you by e-mail about internal services or offers. If you request a service or send data to this site, we may ask you for additional information that is required to process your request. However, Football is Business will not pass this information on to third parties without your permission, unless we are required to do so by judicial authorities that can rely on applicable legislation. For forms of abuse, deception, and misleading forms of advertising, Football is Business will report this to the competent judicial authorities.


Although there is always a risk associated with providing personal information and no system or technology is completely secure or hackerproof, we ask you to bear in mind that Football is Business is doing everything possible to take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access to or to prevent unauthorized use of your personal data, we make every effort to minimize the chance of this and to guarantee the security of your data.

Accuracy of collected data

Football is Business may, on its own initiative or at your request, supplement, correct or delete personal data that we hold in connection with the operation of this site because this data is incomplete, incorrect or outdated.

Changes to the Site

Football is Business can change this Privacy Policy, change or cancel access to the site, or change the content of the site at any time and with or without notice.

Profile photos

Football is Business can delete a profile photo of a user at any time and with or without notice, as long as we have any suspicion that the photo / image arouses aggression or anger among other users. Think, for example, of provocative images.


The moderators of Football is Business can, at any time and with or without notice, block a user’s access to the site temporarily or permanently if he does not comply with the rules below.

Account Restriction

A user must also log in at least once every three months in order to keep his account. Users who have not done this will receive a reminder e-mail with 1 request that they must do this within 1 week. If a user does not do this, his account is automatically deleted by the system without notice.

Copyright Act

The right to quote (Article 15a of the Copyright Act) states that a relevant part of someone else’s work may be copied – provided that the source is acknowledged. This applies to text, photos, films, music and all other works. The quote may not be longer or larger than necessary. Copying an entire article to a weblog is not allowed. We will take legal action in the event of such violations.

Disclaimer (EU)

The information contained on this site is only intended to provide guidance for certain interests.

By visiting and using this site, you indicate that you have taken note of the provisions described in this disclaimer.

Given the changing nature of laws, rules and regulations and the inherent limitations of electronic communication, this site may contain information delays, deficiencies or inaccuracies.

Although we have made every effort to ensure that the information that Football is Business contains is from reliable sources, Football is Business is not responsible for errors or omissions or for any misuse via the information displayed on Football is Business

All information on this site has been passed on to us as shown, without guarantee for completeness and accuracy.

The use of information from Football is Business gives no guarantee whatsoever, unless explicitly or implicitly stated by the manager of Football is Business, and that unlimited to any performance, use or suitability for any purpose.

Advertisers are themselves responsible for the texts and images that they publish, Football is Business holds the advertiser responsible for any unlawful acts.

Football is Business cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect losses that may arise from a breakdown or malfunction of the web servers and mail servers.

Football is Business, authors, representatives or moderators cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any decision or action taken or taken in dependence on the information displayed on Football is Business, nor for any consequences or damages, not even for damage for which no warnings have been displayed.

Football is also not liable for the content of websites specified by advertisers in their advertisements, regardless of which section or part of this site they are mentioned, the same applies to links that are connected through this site to other websites maintained by others over whom Football is Business has no control.

Football is Business is not responsible for the display, inaccuracy or any other aspect of information in other websites.